Career Center

 Click on the link below to see all the amazing things the OPS Career Center has to offer. If you are interested in the Career Center, talk to your guidance counselor.

Career Counselor

  • Coordinate career inventories through Naviance
  • Arrange for career visit speakers
  • Maintain job listings and volunteer websites
  • Facilitate Post-Secondary Opportunities

-Two-year colleges; Coordinate Accuplacer exam

-Military; Coordinate ASVAB

-Technical Trades

The Occupational Outlook Handbook is a wonderful resource to explore more information about specific careers and jobs.  This government website also includes information about growth in certain fields and also average pay salary.  Check out this site for more information.

The Exploring Program is a program for young men and women who are 14 through 20 to provide experiences to help young people mature and prepare them to become responsible and caring adults.  It is a wonderful opportunity so take a look to see what careers are available that you are interested in.

The Apprenticeship Programs in the Nebraska/Southwest Iowa Area is a helpful website that gives students an opportunity to learn what it takes to pursue a career in the trades and crafts.  For more information, please contact Nebraska/Southwest Iowa Building and Construction Traces Council at 402-597-5217.

Juniors and Seniors are eligible to take The Armed Services Vocational Battery(ASVAB); the test will be given at Burke High School in November. Only the student, the student's parents, and the counselor have access to this information.  Along with their ASVAB results, students can complete an interest inventory (FYI) using access codes.  A combination of these results provides a valuable tool to assist students in discovering career and educational paths for their future.


Omaha Public Schools and Harry A. Burke High School continue to offer Naviance Family Connection,  a comprehensive website that students and families can use to help in making decisions about future courses, colleges, and careers.  Each student has a Family Connection account that is accessible wherever an internet connection is found.  This program is user-friendly at both school and home.  Students also utilize Naviance Family Connection during their freshman year.

Students and parents can reach the Naviance Family Connection website at

Student Login

  • The username is a student’s 6 digit student ID number.
  • The password is a student’s 8 digit birthday (February 5, 1997 is typed in as 02051997).

Volunteer Opportunities

There are many groups, organizations, schools, and charities in the area who need volunteers! When these organizations contact Burke to try to find volunteers we will place information about those opportunities here on this page. This is an effort for Burke students, parents, alumni, and those within our community to help fill these volunteer positions.