Our Proposed Pathways:
Performing & Visual Arts
Technology & Media Arts
Freshman Academy

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Proposed Technology Pathway

Computer Science
H Programming, AP Computer Science Principles, H Cybersecurity, Intro to Game Design, AP Computer Science A, App Development, Coding

Digital Design
Digital Media, Color and Design Foundations, Advancied Digital Design, Applied Digital Design, CAD 1-2 through CAD 5-6

Web Design eMarketing
Digital Media, Coor and Design Foundations, Webdesign 1-2, Web Design 3-4, Marketing 1-2 through 5-6

Proposed Media Arts Pathway

Audio Video Production
Digital Media, Audio Video Foundation, Audio Video Production 1-2, Audio Video Production 3-4

Journalism 1-2, through 5-6, H Newspaper 1-2 through 5-6, H Yearbook 1-2 & 3-4, H Digital Journalism 3-4 through 7-8, Editorial Leadership