About these courses:

      There are two levels of food-related classes offered here at South High Magnet School.

       1.  Foods 1-2:  this is a beginning level, full-year course which includes basic food preparation skills and cooking experiences, as well as health/nutrition infomation.  The management of a food lab is a key component to this course with all students expected to help clean and maintain the spacious, 6-kitchen lab facility we are so fortunate to use in these hands-on class experiences.  Students can expect to be in the cooking lab on average 1-2 days/week. 

      *Note:  A student must successfully complete Foods 1 and Foods 2 coursework with a minimum of a "C" grade or higher, excellent attendance and the Beginning Foods teacher's recommendation to enroll in the next advanced level foods class called Culinary Skills 1-2.

      2.  Culinary Skills 1-2:  This full-year course focuses more on food preparation in a commercial setting (restaurants) for larger numbers of people. Required afety/sanitation standards are implemented on a daily basis during the food lab experiences that last for a double block period each day. 

          Also included are student food serving experiences with preparing food for teacher cafes and public events held within the building.

         A culinary competition team is selected by the teacher from interested students who possess the passion and time to devote to outside class practices held two afternoons/week for approximately two hours/practice from Oct. 15th through the Metropolitan Community College's Culinary Competition held sometime in March!  The opportunity to work with a volunteer culinary student from Metro's Culinary program is a great opportunity to advance one's cooking skills and be introduced to the fantastic resources available at the community college's new culinary campus where the competition is held each year.


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Contact information:  Julie.Anderson-Harr@ops.org


Here's a fun site to visit!  www.foodnetwork.com