US History Textbook Info

To reach your American Nation U.S. History book please do the following:

Website is

Username is ospr6

password is j7p9v

Your book is Holt The American Nation in the Modern Era (non Texas ver)


US History Note Books

US History Notebooks

In Ms. Sudduth’s US History you are required to keep an interactive notebook.  Your notebook will stay in the class room in the assigned place. Your notebook will contain your bell work, notes and handouts.  We use the Cornell format for note taking. Please let Ms. Sudduth if you have any questions.

Periods 1,2,3 Please use a single subject notebook

Period 7 please use a 1” binder


2014/2015 Schedule

1st Period      US History         Room 467

2nd Period     US History        Room 467

3rd Period      US History       Room 467

4th Period      Study Hall        Room  330

5th Period      Lunch               Room 449

6th Period     Government       Room 466

7th Period     US History        Room 466

8th Period     Plan                   Room 449

9th Period    Government/      Room 465
                     International Studies

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U.S. History

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