Welcome to Ms. Schlecht's Web Page

Welcome! I hope you will find something useful on my webpage.

My e-mail address is allison.schlecht(@ops.org)

My phone number is (402) 557-3641. I am available to assist students before and after school in room 363. 

I am an English teacher at South.  Currently, I teach English 3-4 and English 7-8.


Classes I Teach:                                                                   Units Include:   

English 3-4                                                                     The Secret Life of BeesThe Five 

                                                                                      People You Meet in Heaven, other 

                                                                                      novels, grammar, short stories, and the

                                                                                     sophomore GLE


English 7-8                                                                    British Literature (including novels and short

                                                                                     stories), grammar, and the senior GLE




In addition, each English student is required to complete numerous themes during the course of the year.  Each grade level also has a literature anthology, which is available to students online.  This is a great resource for anyone who needs to make up an assignment.