About Mrs. Palmesano



    • 18 years of teaching experience
    • BA from Creighton University
    • Double majored in English & Psychology
    • MA in American Literature from UNO
    • Married with three children
    • Born and raised in Omaha
    • Loves reading, mountain climbing, music and kick boxing
    • Has been known to dance, sing and whistle while teaching 
    • Desperately wants students to strive for their highest potential of achievement!

Honors English 5-6 and English 5-6

Welcome to Mrs. Palmesano's world

 of American literature!

On this site you will find links relating to our curriculum and documents pertaining to class assignments. Utilize these resources!

If ever you have concerns, feel free to contact me via email: cara.palmesano(@ops.org).



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Bless Me Ultima Character List  3/28/200829.00 KBDownload
Bless Me Ultima Character Profiles  3/28/200834.00 KBDownload
Bless Me Ultima Research Paper  3/28/200827.00 KBDownload
Bless Me, Ultima Theme  4/29/20083.14 KBDownload
Bless Me, Ultima Theme Topics  4/29/200821.50 KBDownload
Of Mice & Men Character Quote Worksheet  3/28/200834.50 KBDownload
Of Mice & Men Fact Sheet  3/28/2008160.50 KBDownload
Of Mice & Men Study Guide  3/28/200835.00 KBDownload
Persuasive Speech Outline   3/28/200821.50 KBDownload
Piano Lesson Honors Theme Documents12/11/20093.14 KBDownload
Speech Topics  3/28/200825.50 KBDownload
Theme I: What is An American?  8/18/200825.00 KBDownload