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Friday, March 1, 2019

Tomorrow is the birthday of a Dr. named Seuss.
He rhymed and he wrote, and he drew things obtuse.
So in honor of this man, let’s all have some fun, here is the bulletin for Friday, March one.

For students who drive to school in a car, whether coming from near, or coming from far, if in the lot you do tend to park, then heed these words. Oh yes, you should hark! The stalls with white lines are where you should head, when during the day your car needs a bed. The lines marked with yellow are for teachers, you see, and if you park there, then oh, how sad you’ll be! A permit should also be hung from your mirror, or something less fun is quite sure to appear. A ticket you’ll find, and those are quite bad, they’ll cost you some money and make you so mad! Or worse! You might find that your car’s gone away, with a magical tow truck – imagine the dismay! So follow these rules, and park where you should, for that is what’s right, and what’s right is good!

People have feet. Yes feet! It’s quite neat! They can use these feet to go crossing the street! But sometimes this task can be quite a feat, like when students with traffic do choose to compete. So when the school day is finally complete, be cautious when entering that stretch of concrete. Don’t dart into traffic with steps oh so fleet, for the cars their speed they may not deplete. And that is a fate we don’t want you to meet, so please, your cautiousness we do so entreat.

If you eat Breakfast 2 instead of Breakfast one, a reminder we have that will help everyone! One your way to the class that’s your second, not your first, be sure the following actions you’ve rehearsed. Please go to the station nearest your room, for this will more quickly your learning resume. If to zero or one or to two you must go, the cafeteria’s where your face you should show. For those on floor three, it’s easy, you see, your station is on that same floor – shout with glee! For five go to four and for four you should stay, as that is the place they keep hunger at bay! The staff will be finding your name on a list to make sure the station you’re at does consist! To continue to fight off your morning starvation, be sure to report to the right breakfast station.

After school on next Monday, that’s three days from now, there will be a Vans meeting to design them, but how?  Come to 334 on the Monday, you’ll see, and plans for this competition surely there’ll be.

A reminder to Juniors who Leader their Ship, in the state of Nebraska, and think of civics, Mrs. Peterson has something she wants you to know, your applications to her by today they must go, or to Washington DC you surely won’t roam, you’ll sadly be stuck sitting lonely at home.

And to students whose class has AP in the name, don’t miss registration, or you’ll be to blame! Your payment is due by next Friday, March 8th, we know you can do it, we all have such faith! To the office of 327 you should go, to make your due payment - just thought you should know.

Joyce Ivy workshops are here, yes today! In the counseling office, that’s not far away! From a quarter past three til 4:30 they’ll stay, and remember your applications are due by today.

And to the Basketball Team, who is made up of boys, here’s a message for you, one and all make some noise:

Oh the places you’ll go, there is fun to be done, there are points to be scored, there are games to be won, so as off you go, and to state you do roam, be sure that you bring that state championship home.

And here is your menu of LUNCH for the day,

Fiestada pizza – all the kids shout, hooray!
A dog which is cheesy and placed on a bun,
And chicken in the shape of popcorn – how fun!
The sandwich is turkey and American cheese
And for healthy folks, chef salad, of course, if you please.

For breakfast on Monday, not green eggs and ham, but chilled yogurt bar with vanilla bear grahams, a wrap made with sausage and syrup as well, with a bowl of hot oatmeal or cold cereal.

That is the bulletin we have for today, which is important to hear, and important for me to say. For today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you. So go forth and learn, and as I often do say, I hope you’ll remember to have a nice day!

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