Daily Bulletin


Tuesday, October 20, 2020

What do the South High community, students and staff all have in common? We pride ourselves in helping each other out no matter the reason or the need. How might this effect you or someone you know? If you are a student in need of clothes, shoes, hygiene products or food please email Mrs. Holguin or Mr. Iverson. This is a free resource for all South High school students.

Attention All Packers: Virtual Tutoring is Available every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 3:15 - 6pm. You need to join the Teams Meeting and you will be able to get tutoring in English, Math, Science, Social Studies and Spanish. There is also Technology Guidance and Scholarship Help available.

The counselors at South High are excited to help you, from applying to college, understanding your education goals, your class schedule needs, personal or social support, community support or any other school issues. So, feel free to email your counselor and schedule a time to meet with them if you need anything.

Let’s give a big Thank You to all the school custodians for the amazing job they do each day to make your school as safe and clean as possible.

Here at South High we have a great School Nurse and her wonderful assistant. Both are here to help you so please make sure to thank them if you should need their help with anything.

South High’s school security team is a great group of safety minded people. Take a moment and say hi to them as you head to your classes.

Unified Bowling practice starts today. Any interested students please ask your Advocacy teacher to e-mail your name and student ID# to Mrs. Rodenbarger. She will check for paperwork that needs to be submitted and e-mail you a schedule of practices and games, or e-mail paperwork to you that needs to be turned in.

Please give a giant Packer cheer for all the cafeteria staff working hard every day to make your breakfast and lunch here at South High enjoyable. They'd like you to know about the four salad options offered daily that eat like a meal! Choose from:

Flavorful Mediterranean Falafel
Tantalizing Turkey Deli
Hearty and Satisfying Chef Salad
South of the Border Beef Taco Salad w/Tortilla Chips

Pizzeria Style Pepperoni Pizza
Fish Wedge on a Bun
Sweet Potato Fries
Carrot Dippers
Whole Apple
Sandwich of the Day: Turkey Deli Croissant

Breakfast for Wednesday
Orange Muffin Top w/Vanilla Bear Grahams