Daily Bulletin


Wednesday, October 21, 2020

What do the South High community, students and staff all have in common? We pride ourselves in helping each other out no matter the reason or the need. How might this effect you or someone you know? If you are a student in need of clothes, shoes, hygiene products or food please email Mrs. Holguin or Mr. Iverson. This is a free resource for all South High school students.

Attention All Packers: Virtual Tutoring is Available every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 3:15 - 6pm. You need to join the Teams Meeting and you will be able to get tutoring in English, Math, Science, Social Studies and Spanish. There is also Technology Guidance and Scholarship Help available.

SMILE!!!!!! Next Tuesday, October 27 is PICTURE DAY!!! All students attending in-person classes -- Last name letters A-K -- will have their picture taken for their ID Badge and Yearbook picture. Seniors: Due to Covid -- there will not be special Senior ONLY Picture Days SO Dress up on Tuesday, October 27th and Look Sharp!!!

Students: Tardy slips begin soon. So, practice being on time to each of your classes today. If you have trouble getting to a particular class on time, ask your teacher for help.

Here is a quick review of South High’s tardy program:
The goal of South’s tardy program is for you to get to class on time... every period... every day, so that you have the maximum amount of time needed to do well in every class. “Tardy” means you are not inside your classroom door when the bell finishes ringing.

Procedure if you are tardy:
> you will be sent to a tardy station. (Stations are located throughout the building, and staff members will be in the halls to direct you.)
> At the station, you say your student ID # and your name, and then receive a tardy slip.
>You then have one minute (60 seconds) to get to class. (If you take longer than that, you may receive an add’l consequence.)
>You show the tardy slip to your teacher, and then discard it. PLEASE NOTE: If you do not go to class, you will be marked absent.

Consequences are earned for excessive tardies and are posted at the various tardy stations. See your administrator or Mr. Hoschar (in 440 dash A) with questions.
If you are ever late because a hallway or stairwell is crowded, we encourage you to ask any staff member to help you figure out a different route to take.
If you have to go from one extreme part of the bldg. to another, and you are concerned you will not be able to make it on time: contact your dean.

The Louder Than a Bomb Slam Poetry team will meet Thursday at 4:00 on Teams. Contact Ms. Oliver or Mr. Furrer for the join code if you are not already a part of the team on Teams.

The counselors at South High are excited to help you, from applying to college, understanding your education goals, your class schedule needs, personal or social support, community support or any other school issues. So, feel free to email your counselor and schedule a time to meet with them if you need anything.

Unified Bowling practice starts today. Any interested students please ask your Advocacy teacher to e-mail your name and student ID# to Mrs. Rodenbarger. She will check for paperwork that needs to be submitted and e-mail you a schedule of practices and games, or e-mail paperwork to you that needs to be turned in.

Extra, Extra please listen. Thanks to a U. S. Government program all breakfast and lunch’s will be free until the end of the school year. No need to worry about paying for your meals while at school.

Hamburger Quesadilla
Spicy Breaded Chicken on a Bun
Golden Corn
Sandwich of the Day: Italian Deli Wrap

Breakfast for Thursday
Breakfast Sausage Wrap