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Private Flute, Piano or Music Theory Lessons, 2020-2021

Private Flute, Piano and Music Theory lessons and general music tutoring are available at South High School from Caren Kilian. Ms. Kilian teaches the Beginning and Advanced Piano classes and was a flute major in college.

Please see Ms. Kilian in Room 545 or 547 before school, after school, or during 4th and 7th periods to arrange a lesson time. You do not have to be in music classes at South in order to take lessons, however, current piano/band/orchestra students receive priority placement.

Lessons will be taught 4th and 7th periods for 20 minutes each and before or after school.  Lessons can occur once a week or as needed. You cannot be excused from a regular class for lessons.  They need to take place during lunch, study hall or before/after school.

Lesson Agreement: Please take moment to read through these, if you can't agree, please do not ask to take lessons.

1)      I will make a good faith effort to be to my lesson on time, with my materials. If I can’t make my assigned lesson time I will inform Ms. Kilian beforehand via email, voicemail, in class, or by leaving a message in her box. The lesson can then be rescheduled if there is an opening.

2)      I understand that if I miss two lessons in a row without notifying Ms. Kilian beforehand I will forfeit my lesson time and it may be assigned to someone else.


3)      I understand that to improve on my instrument or theory knowledge, practice outside of class and/or lesson time is required. I will practice/study on my own for at least 10 minutes a day 6 days of the week. If you don’t have a instrument at home, let Ms. Kilian know.


4)      I understand that if I am asked to participate in the District Music Festival or any competition, that it is an honor to represent my school and if I miss lessons I will not be prepared to perform. Two missed lessons (see #2) may constitute forfeiture of my place in the competition or festival as there are a limited number of entries allowed.