Raider Team



Raider training builds dedication and determination by challenging the participants in practical hands-on applications that increase physical fitness, build self-confidence, develop leadership, and inspire teamwork. The activities also develop healthy competition among other programs and schools. The training enhances previous knowledge acquired in JROTC.

This consists of eight members with one serving as the commander and one as the team leader. This team provides cadets a program in mentally and physically challenging events: physical fitness test: 2-mile run, push-up, sit-up, pull-up; first aid skills and the litter carry; ropes, knots, and the one-rope bridge; maps and land navigation; marksmanship; ten-kilometer road march. The events are conducted one after the other, so students must develop a regular exercise program to prepare well in advance of the competition.

The physical fitness test is based on the Army's Physical Fitness Test (APFT). The first aid portion simulates an airplane accident where the team must perform the four-lifesaving steps that include evaluating a casualty, CPR, stop/control the bleeding, prevent or treat for shock, treat a fracture, and treat a burn. Once completed, the team must evacuate the injured person to a safe location using an improvised litter. The team must negotiate a land navigation course and locate as many control-points as possible using a topographical map, protractor, and compass within the allotted time. For the one-rope bride, members must work as a team and construct a rope bridge to cross an obstacle, such as a valley or a body of water. The team will then quickly cross the bridge without loosing equipment. They are assessed on proper construction, safety and time. The team must complete a grueling ten-kilometer road march as a team, "start together - finish together."

The commander establishes and publishes the training sessions based on competitive events held in the fall and spring each year.

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