The sport of orienteering originated in Scandinavia and came to America in the 1940's. Orienteering is a competitive form of land navigation in which each participant uses a map and compass to navigate between checkpoints. The goal is to locate as many checkpoints as possible in the shortest amount of time. Competitors must travel quickly from point-to-point ensuring they have located and correctly recorded all marker information. The points are located in obscure valleys, wooded areas, brush, and along trails.

South High JROTC competes at the annual Orienteering Competition held at Platte River State Park, just outside Omaha. Weeks prior to the event, all cadets receive intense classroom instruction and hands-on training to gain the skills required to read topographical maps, use protractors to locate grid coordinates, and compasses for direction.

South High forms a ten-member squad, consisting of five two-person teams. Each team takes a challenging 50-question test prepared by the Nebraska National Guard. The clock begins after the written test, when participants are issued maps to plot their checkpoints. After verification that they have correctly plotted the checkpoints, they depart into the woods to locate as many markers as possible. Each checkpoint has a designated score value and specific code and marker for the teams to scribe on their score sheet. After all the teams have returned, test scores are tallied with checkpoint scores and elapsed times to determine the winning team. In addition to the two member teams, the school with the best-combined score for all five teams wins the school category.

Orienteering Ribbon, Green Shoulder Cord