Marksmanship is an Olympic Sport that tests the participants visual acuity, coordination, and control of normal body functions, such as breath control, relaxation, and sight. The participant must develop concentration skills to master the coordination and timing between sight, brain, and body to become a successful marksman. In addition to the obvious, students that desire this type of activity must pass an extensive safety course on the proper handling of a air rifles, the components and function of the parts in an air rifle, and be able to recite and demonstrate the range safety rules.

South High JROTC has two marksmanship teams, a Junior Varsity team and a Varsity team. With the permission of the instructor, participants may further enhance their skills by enrolling in the advanced marksmanship class.

Students compete throughout the year demonstrating their skills with the pellet pistol, and pellet rifle.  The teams compete with the other high school teams in OPS. The competitions include shoulder-to-shoulder matches, postal matches, and an annual biathlon.

Marksmanship Ribbon
Shoulder Cord
Marksmanship Badge: Marksman, Sharpshooter, and Expert