Leadership Camp, formally known as JROTC Summer Camp, is conducted at Camp Ashland, NE and Offutt AFB. This is four days of fun and adventure in the sun. Cadets earn the right to wear the army's camouflage uniform and combat boots for this event. Students are assigned leadership positions to build leadership skills, they practice drill and ceremony, complete a one-mile run, and develop new compass and orienteering skills. They gain self-confidence in rappelling, familiarization in marksmanship and archery, construct and cross a rope bridge, and run an obstacle course. Cadets are among the few civilians that experience lunch in a military dinning facility. Organized athletics are also scheduled, and a few selected cadets gain an opportunity to participate in a Leadership Reaction Course. The fourth and final day is set aside for a historical tour, lunch, an awards ceremony, and concluded with equipment turn-in at the school. Students return to their home each night and must be in formation the next morning to board the bus.

Students are cautioned about low academic grades. Camp normally begins the same day that Summer School opens. Plan ahead.

Summer Camp Ribbon