District-Wide Dual Enrollment Information

Dual Enrollment provides high school students the opportunity to take college-credit bearing courses taught by college-approved high school teachers. Eligible courses allow students to earn high school credit and transcripted college credit at the time they pass the course. Omaha Public Schools partners with Metropolitan Community College (MCC), University of Nebraska (UNO), and Midland University (MU) to provide dual enrollment opportunities in Advanced Placement (AP), Career Education, and Special Program courses. Dual Enrollment is a low-cost model where students realize reduced tuition rates, where credits earned may transfer to another college or university, and where students experience a smooth transition from high school to college. Each partner institution determines their own policies and guidelines regarding, tuition costs, application deadlines, acceptance and transferability of credits.  


CLICK HERE to learn more details about DUAL ENROLLMENT at OMAHA SOUTH HIGH!!

Want to apply at UNO?   CLICK HERE!!!!!

Want to apply at Midland University? (AP World History only) CLICK HERE!!

Does your class offer dual enrollment at Metropolitan Community College (MCC)?  MCC does not have an ONLINE Application at this time.  Your teacher will have an application for you!  JUST ASK YOUR TEACHER! :)

BUT WAIT!?!??  I don't want to go to those universities.  I want to attend someplace else!!     That's ok, dual enrollment credits transfer to most other universities and colleges in the US.  Just check dual enrollment and AP webpage of your preferred college.

Dual Enrollment Partnerships

Varies at each High School based on criteria

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Links to the university:                             Omaha South High Course and teachers:

AP Human Geography: Lonnie Moore
AP Government and Politics: Jennifer Synowiecki
AP DL Government and Politics: Edward Castro
AP English Literature and Composition: Cara Palmesano
AP Spanish Language and Culture: Laura Chambers or Octavio Sordo Hernandez                  
AP Spanish Literature and Culture: Elvia Robledo
AP Computer Science Principles: Lucas Hartman
AP Computer Science A: Lucas Hartman
Intro to Education: Samantha Koehler-Overton & Samuel Bojanski
Dance 7-8: Danielle Laurion

AP English Language and Composition: Roger Furrer
AP Statistics: Hannah Holguin
Java Programming: Lucas Hartman
Game Design: Lucas Hartman
H Biology 3: Charles White   
Personal Finance: Stephen Allen or Chelsea Zach                      
Child Development: Samantha K-O
Financial Literacy: Stephen Allen or Chelsea Zach

                         AP World History: Jennifer Sudduth or Lonnie Moore                

Scholarship and payment information



The state of Nebraska offers the     


Access College Early (ACE) scholarship


for low-income high school students.


Click on the links below to learn about and apply for the ACE scholarship: 


                  Instructions for applying for the ACE                       ##Click here to apply for the ACE SCHOLARSHIP



When you are finished with all of your accounts and applications, complete this SURVEY CLICK HERE so Ms Espinosa knows if you are using the ACE, need the OPS or are self pay.


Should a staff change occur, dual enrollment for each course is contingent upon authorization by the cooperating university.

Regardless of authorization, each course prepares students for the Advanced Placement exam(s) administered in May.



Action Courses and Teachers  Notes          Directions to apply 2020        Date to begin
2020     Date Due
Dual Enrollment application to Metro AP English Lang and Comp - Mr Furrer                                                 APStatistics - Mrs Holguin                                                             HBiology 3 - Mr White                                                                 HPersonalFinance - Mrs Mrs. Zach/Mr.Allen                                                                                   Computer Programming, gaming courses - Mr Hartman Use Full Legal Name

Complete electronic PDF

Request from teacher

Save as Last name First Name

January 11, 2021 January 25, 2021
Dual Enrollment application Midland AP World History - Ms Sudduth/ Mr Moore Juniors only (Mostly) Use Full Legal Name                Required:        GPA 3.0

              Complete online 

Midland University

Dual Enrollment Application

January 11, 2021 January 30, 2021
Dual Enrollment application to UNO

APComputer Science Principles - Lucas Hartman                        APComputer Science A- Lucas Hartman                                                                                         APSpanish Lang and Culture-                                                     MrsChambers/MrSordo                                                                             APSpanish Literature and Culture          MrsRobledo                                                                                          APGovernment fall semester) - Mrs.Synowiecki                                                                                            APDLGovernment (spring semester) - Mr Castro                             APHuman Geography - Mr Moore                                              APEnglish Literature - Mrs Palmesano                                                   Intro to Education: MS KO and Mr Bojanski    Dance: Ms Laurion

Use Full  Legal Name      Must have a                    GPA of 3.0 or higher          to dual enroll in AP Courses.

 Complete online application:

UNO Dual Enrollment Application

January, 18, 2021 February 15, 2021

 **SEE South High Advancement

Placement page for more information

regarding AP and a full list of

AP Course Offerings:  CLICK HERE



for students who qualify

Qualifications:          Free/Reduced Lunch        US Citizen/Resident         Use full legal    name                                 

Request lunch letter from


student number 

Follow instructions on ACE Checklist document                                                                                                                  Go to website:                                                                                                    Access College Early; NDE             

January 11, 2021 February 28, 2021
Financial Communication with South High Coordinator          AND OPS Scholarship ALL STUDENTS: AP AND DUAL ENROLLED  

Complete the FORM SURVEY:


Create or Enter College Board Account All AP Courses

Be sure to use                  

full legal name

Website: College Board 1-Sep 30-Sep
College Board Course join code ALL AP Courses

Teacher has the code      

for each class section                                    

Website: College Board    
AP Exam Selection on College Board ALL AP Courses Student must selection   yes or no for exam       After November  1           $10 fine Website: College Board 1-Sep 1-Nov
EXAM PAYMENT ALL AP STUDENTS taking an AP exam: Dual Enrolled (No additional cost for exam) Not Dual Enrolled: $95 or $25 for exam    

cash: bring to school on determined date.                                                                                                                     **Paying with Check or money order: Write Student's complete name and student number either bring to school or mail to                     
 South High ATTEN: Dual Enrollment Coordinator (Mary Espinosa)





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