Proposed Arts Addition

Omaha South High Magnet School is in the process of a capital campaign to raise funds for an addition to the existing school building. This new Addition would add additional classroom space for our already crowded arts classes, as well as renovating existing arts spaces to better suit our current needs. In short - we're out of space, and need your help to continue allowing our Arts programs to grow!

How can you help?
Click Here to donate to our campaign online through the Omaha Public Schools Foundation, and be sure to select South High School Visual & Performing Arts Addition as your preferred campaign.

Spread the word! Let people know about the project and how they can help to support the Arts at Omaha South High Magnet School.

For more updates about the project and what's happening with our Arts programs at South High, join the South High Magnet Visual and Performing Arts Addition Facebook group.

For additional information, contact:
Rebecca Noble
Curriculum Specialist, Visual & Performing Arts
Phone: (531)299-7685