Gay Straight Alliance


Faculty Sponsors:
Mrs. McLellan & Mr. Stepp

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Club Description

  • What is the GSA?
    The Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) is a group with two main purposes. The first is to provide opportunities for students to meet and socialize in a fun, safe environment regardless of sexual orientation and gender expression. The second is to raise awareness of the harassment faced by GLBTQI (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex) students in school and society, and to work to prevent such harassment. Of course, straight students are invited to be members of the GSA as they are some of our most important members as supporters and allies of GLBTQI friends and family.
  • When and where does the GSA meet?
    The GSA meets every Thursday after school at 3
    :00 PM in room 363.
  • What does the GSA do?
    * We have some major events we plan for each year: National Coming Out Week, Transgender Day of Remembrance, and TransAction Day during the first semester, and the National Day of Silence and Night of Noise during the second semester.

    * We also plan several social events each semester, such as movie and game nights, going to see the Pride Players at the
    Rose Theater and to the Night Out parties at the Omaha Community Playhouse.
    * We meet with the GSA's of other Omaha schools a few times a year at social events

    * We help plan the Pride Prom in May, along with Proud Horizons, PFLAG and other area GSA's and we march in the Pride Parade in June
  • How do I join the GSA?
    Come to a meeting! If it is difficult for you to make it to meetings, go to the rainbow table in the back of room 363 for our latest newsletter and for leaflets about various issues.  That way we can keep you updated about events throughout the year, even if you never make it to a meeting.
  • Where can I find additional resources if I need help?
    See any of the links below if you need help immediately or have questions and want to find answers anonymously.