About Our Department


Omaha South High Magnet School Counseling Mission
  • The mission of the Omaha South High Magnet Counseling program is to partner with staff, students, families, community resource organizations, and businesses to empower ALL students to reach their greatest potential through high school graduation along with successful preparation for post-secondary opportunities which lead into the workforce.
  • Everything that is shared with a counselor is considered to be confidential. In other words, the counselor will not tell anyone what has been discussed without the student's permission unless the student is dangerous to his/her self or to others.  
The Role of the School Counselor
  • Through large and small group presentations, academic, personal/social, and career counselors deliver a guidance curriculum to ALL students related to the four program strands: self and opportunity awareness, social responsibility and awareness, goal setting and decision making, and preparation for transitions. In addition, all the counselors assist individual students who have unique needs, including those who may be experiencing barriers to academic success. Also, every high school has a specialized counselor to assist students with their advanced education plans. 
 How do I Access a Counselor
  • Assignment (Schedule Management): Counselors are assigned to assist students with registration, course selection, and scheduling concerns.
  • Specialization: All counselors can provide general information and resources for student planning and success. At Omaha South High Magnet School, counselors specialize in guidance areas to provide students with most comprehensive and current resources available.
    • Academic/Records Counselor monitors student academic placement and academic progress toward meeting South High graduation requirements.
    • Advanced Education Counselor works with students as early as the 9th grade in the exploration of educational opportunities after high school graduation.
    • Career/Occupational Counselor assists students in the identification of skills and talents related to classes and possible future employment opportunities.
    • Personal/Social Counselor interacts with students who need assistance with relationships, conflict resolution, and personal issues related to wellness.
When Can Students Reach a School Counselor?
  • The Counseling Department is open Monday through Friday from 7:15 AM to 4:00 PM.
  • Students can come to the Guidance Center before school, during study halls, lunch period, and after school. However, in the case of an urgent situation, teachers may choose to send a student to see a counselor during class time. Students should come to the Guidance Center from class or study hall with a pass.
How Can Parents/Guardians Reach a School Counselor?
  • Parents/Guardians may reach a school counselor by calling the Guidance Office at 402.557.3620 or 402.557.3600 or come directly to the Guidance Office. If parents/guardians have question about a student's schedule, classes, or educational plan, the student's assigned counselor is available to talk with them.

School Counseling

Hecht-Weber, KatieDirector of GuidanceH, Wkathryn.hecht531-299-7700
Lagana, LauraRecordsG, K, X, Zlaura.lagana531-299-7698
Carlson, SteveCareerRsteven.carlson531-299-7718
Herrera, EmilioSocial Worker emilio.herrera531-299-7705
Mahoney, SusanCareerB, N, Tsusan.mahoney531-299-7695
Gregor, MaureenRecordsD, L, Mc, Umaureen.gregor531-299-7708
Perez, AntonioCollegeC, E, Qantonio.perez531-299-7682
Suhr, StephanieSocial/EmotionalI, J, S, Ystephanie.suhr531-299-7669
Synowiecki, MichelleSocial/EmotionalF, O, Pmichelle.synowiecki531-299-7668
Villafuerte, JenniferSecretary jennifer.villafuerte531-299-7665
Green, LaJoyCollegeMlajoy.green531-299-7709
Vidal, RachelleCollegeA, Vrachelle.vidal531-299-7666

Guidance Support Staff

Secretary Jennifer Villafuerte
Secretary Harriet Barnes